People who are lucky enough to have been using WordPress for a while realize that although it is a great platform, but it can be a little slow. The faster your website works the better the user experience.

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Below are several ideas to help you improve the speed of your WordPress website:

Caching plugin is a requirement

Veteran users of WordPress will know that the plugins of WordPress are quite helpful and they help a lot when it comes to loading a page in a speedy manner. Caching plugins are simple and easy to use. One of the best plugins to make use of is W3 Total Cache. It is not only free but it is simple to install and set up and it should definitely make your site faster.

Plugins are great, but…

One of the great things about WordPress is the thousands of plugins. If you can dream it, there is a plugin for it. Unfortunately, some plugins can really slow down your website. Only install plugins that you really need. If you have inactive plugins uninstall them.

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Are you using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

CDN is basically a system of distributed servers hence the word “network”. Many popular websites are using CDN technology. CDN is especially recommended to those with substantial traffic. CDN helps you by taking static files and putting them on servers that are close to the potential users. In this way, the users get a great user experience regardless of where they are located in the world.

Optimization of images

Images tend to make websites slower which makes image optimization super important. Images are a great way to keep your readers engaged, but too many images or too large images can slow down the speed of your website. Never use the images straight from your smartphone or digital camera without reducing the image size first.

Make adjustments to the Gravatars

If you have never looked into the settings of Gravatars, you will notice that the default setting is basically nothing and this might be the reason your WordPress website is running at a slow speed. Making adjustments in this area might help in loading the pages faster because the page will have no silly Gravatar load to begin with. There are some bloggers who have disabled the use of Gravatars completely throughout the website to experience high levels of speed, and it does work in favor of the website.

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