WordPress, founded in 2003, has emerged as the leading content management system globally. Currently, over 25% of all websites use WordPress. WordPress has become so popular with businesses because it is such an effective tool to manage a website.

If you’re wondering why your business should switch to a WordPress website, here are 25 reasons that will give you an idea of the kind of power you are missing out on.

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1. Plug and play

WordPress is ready to use right out of the box, which separates it from many competitors. This saves you huge amounts of time in finding and configuring plugins and add-ons that are crucial to your design. WordPress comes with these core features ready to use.

2. 100% Free

WordPress won’t cost you a penny, so whatever position you may be in, this will benefit you. Even better, you don’t need to fear hidden charges if your site’s popularity rises. WordPress will remain free for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, WordPress is open source, so if needed you can augment or change the source code to build the right site for your requirements. Yet another great reason to switch to WordPress.

3. Search engine compatible

The most used search engines favor WordPress because its structure is easy to read, WordPress was even endorsed by Matt Cutts of Google in 2009. He even uses WordPress to publish his personal blog!

4. Flexible

WordPress is extremely flexible, unlike other website building tools. So whether you are using it to create a personal blog or an online shop, WordPress will be suitable for whatever task you require, thanks to its numerous features, add-ons and plugins.

5. Customizable

With thousands of plugins and themes at hand, WordPress allows you to tailor your site to look and function exactly as you wish. With new features constantly being added, it’s easy to build the website or blog you’ve always desired.

6. Security

Due to its popularity, WordPress is often a target for hackers. But WordPress take concerted action when it comes to protecting user’s security, including constantly updating their software to stop attacks. WordPress now updates its software automatically so you don’t have to worry.

7. Simplicity

An additional advantage of WordPress is how simple it is to use. Often described as being intuitive, user friendly and easy to learn, basic WordPress skills can be learned in minutes. Another great reason to switch to WordPress.

8. Support available

Thanks to a giant WordPress community on the WordPress Forums, there is a great deal of access to online support from other users. No other web-building platform features this level of support.

9. Multimedia Content

WordPress makes it simple to insert multimedia file formats into your webpage. Using this kind of content is a fantastic way to improve user experience. In addition to being easy to upload, it’s also easy to edit files, such as images, using the Media Library editor.

10. Works on mobile

In today’s age it’s crucial that a website works well on a smartphone or tablet. But with WordPress you don’t need to worry about how your website will translate. It will often work on mobile as if it has been designed for that platform, due to the responsive design embedded in many of the themes.

11. Simple to manage

WordPress comes with an automatic updater to help prevent cyber attacks. It will also tell you when there are updates available for themes and plugins. This makes managing WordPress stress free. You won’t have to worry about manually updating hundreds of items yourself because WordPress has it covered.

12. Integration

WordPress integrates seamlessly with other major third party platforms, providing your company with even more advantages. Should you wish to launch an email marketing campaign or build an online payment system into your site, WordPress can incorporate elements from these service providers effortlessly into your site.

13. Creates a community

WordPress makes establishing a community simple. Through its plugins and features it’s easy to share your blog posts on social media or create vibrant comment sections for your visitors to give feedback. If you like being part of a fun vibrant community you may want to switch to WordPress.

14. Not just a blog

Although WordPress gained attention through its use as a blogging platform with website capability, it can be used as a website all by itself. Through its post and page structure, you can choose to have blog type pages or static pages that don’t change. The choice is yours.

15. Ecommerce friendly

WordPress features plugins like WooCommerce, Shopp and WP Commerce that make it easy for you to convert your website into an online store. If you are using your site for business purposes, this makes it simple for you to start making some money online.

16. Money saving

Unlike other web design programs, WordPress is open source and free to use. While there are other free to start website platforms on the market, most of them will charge you for additional features and other up-sell items.

17. Easy to keep your site fresh

With thousands of free themes available, it’s easy to update your theme should you deem it has become old or tired. Or even if you just fancy a change. Keeping your site fresh and attractive is a key way to keep your visitors coming back again and again.

18. Not stuck with one hosting provider

If you become disillusioned with your host or provider for any reason, then it’s easy to switch hosts with a WordPress site. WordPress can work on a variety of servers, so switching isn’t likely to cause you many headaches. In fact we are sure you’ll get less headaches all together when you decide to switch to WordPress.

19. Post scheduling

It takes a lot of time and effort to run your own business. WordPress saves you time by allowing you to schedule your posts. This helps you post new content at the best time for your customers and you. You may have realized that traffic to your site is heaviest around a certain time of day. Scheduling posts to update at these times will ensure that your fresh content gets the exposure it deserves.

20. Create a membership service

If you get lots of repeat visitors and want a way to convert that exposure to income, it’s easy to change your WordPress site into a bona fide membership site. Another advantage of having a membership site is the opportunity to get hold of useful contact and marketing information you could use for commercial advantage.

21. Easy to add testimonials

Plugins like Easy Testimonials or the Testimonials Widget make it simple to add testimonials to your site. Testimonials help your customers know that your products or services are worth the money they are being sold for and WordPress makes it easy to make them stand out on your WordPress site.

22. Multi-user

If you have a large site, it might require a number of people to maintain it. Because of this, WordPress has made it simple for you to allow others access to your site in a managerial context. The roles you can assign to others includes, but are not limited to, Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber and more.

23. One Click Publishing

If you need to publish your newly created content immediately, then on WordPress it’s a doddle. Additionally, if you want to publish your content out and about, there are now many mobile apps that allow you to do this, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

24. WordPress Keeps Improving

WordPress works with only the best developers. Because of this you can be sure that the platform is going to get better and better throughout time. Furthermore, its Open Source status means that anyone can contribute to maximizing the user experience. Once you switch to WordPress, you may well want to set about improving it for all users yourself!

25. Universal Platform

The dashboard of WordPress remains constant no matter what you may be using it for. This means that there many professionals who can help you build your WordPress website. Being familiar with this one toolbox will equip you with the skills you need to add content to your website.