What is the best SEO strategy for attorneys?

There is no attorney marketing without SEO. There are plenty of underhanded SEO tricks that businesses use to increase their visibility in search engines, but the fact is that using such tactics run the risk of ultimately hurting your business’s reputation.

Every day, Google and other major search engines are getting better at recognizing spam and other risky methods of SEO and are rooting them out of their results. Rather than take the shady shortcut, there are three simple ways to increase your visibility in the rankings of the major search engines.

They take more time and tenacity, but the results will be well worth the effort.

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Here are three golden rules of SEO for attorneys.

Get reviewed.

The first rule is to develop a network of satisfied clients to post glowing reviews about your law firm. Ideally, all of the results when you search for your business should be filled with customers discussing the high quality of your services. You can create a client testimonials section on your own website, and also encourage your satisfied clientele to post reviews on sites like Google+, Yelp, and Angie’s List.

This is obviously a long-term strategy, as it requires you to build up a pool of clients that you have provided value to enable you to find more clients. But again, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Keep in mind, that many of your clients will be dealing with very sensitive, life-altering situations when they seek out your services, so be sure to use the utmost discretion when asking for testimonials and reviews.

Get involved.

The next rule is to get involved in outside organizations related to your field or respected institutions in your community. This will build your reputation in your profession, especially if you are elected to a professional leadership position by your peers. Being listed among the ranks of these organizations will boost your search rankings. New algorithms are giving these types of links more weight, making them increasingly valuable as time goes on. There are no tricks you can pay for online that can replace that kind of professional respect.

Content marketing.

Finally, and most importantly, using content networking techniques to establish yourself as an authority in your particular area of expertise will draw more traffic to your website or blog, pushing you up the search result rankings. Ideally, your site should become a hub for news and opinion about your niche, which will increase your audience by providing them with valuable content. The more sites that link to your blog and use it as a resource for your particular topic, the more your online visibility will grow.

All of this can seem like a major undertaking, so remember to start small. Focus on providing excellent customer service and maintaining a helpful, consistently updated web presence. Look for professional and local organizations to join and put yourself up for key leadership positions. Ultimately, the same methods that traditionally lead to success in the real world are the keys to SEO for attorneys