Do you want a super successful website?

There are about 1 billion websites in the world and most of them are unsuccessful.


Because they miss the following components:

Know your audience.

The look and feel and the content of your website should be influenced by your audience.

The most successful websites understand their audience.

Answer the following questions about your audience?

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  • Where is it located, local, USA, Europe, Asia, global?
  • Are they professional? What is the level of education?
  • How do they make buying decisions?


Add great content.

That’s right most websites have no content. Entrepreneurs pay little attention to what it really takes to have a great website. They think that anything will do. As long as you have a website you are OK. That’s only true if you don’t want anyone to see your website.

It is not enough just to get your site online.

You have to do a lot more than that. Content is what will make your site great. Most websites are like a brochure with some basic information about the company and some contact information. The problem is you need more than a brochure.

Your website must have great content and a lot of it. For example, if you are a web designer, your website should have a lot of content about websites and marketing websites. Simple, right? Yet, most entrepreneurs don’t get it.

If you want a super successful website you must have great content.

Keep it mobile-friendly.

Responsive means mobile-friendly. Responsive sites work well on mobile-devices. This is especially important since people no longer are willing to wait until they sit down at a desktop computer. They want to access your website anytime and anywhere. That’s only possible if your website is built mobile-friendly.

Responsive websites are cost effective because you only need one website. Before responsive, companies had to have a regular website and a separate mobile website.

Google also recommends responsive websites, so it will help with your SEO too.

If you want a super successful website you must have a mobile-friendly responsive website.

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Make it easy.

Many websites are difficult to navigate. Make your website navigation simple. Think of the most popular websites out there like Facebook, Google, Amazon. Think about how easy it is to navigate those websites. You want the same for your own website.

The people who come to your website want to find what they are looking for quickly. Help them find it.

If you want a super successful website you must have an easy to navigate website.

Regular updates.

Keep your website updated in two ways:

1. Keep your WordPress installation updated. A couple of times a year won’t do. Your WordPress, or any website, should be updated at least once a month.

2. Add new content regularly. I don’t mean once or twice a year. At least once a month, you should add new content.

If you want a super successful website you have to keep it updated frequently.

Answer questions.

Use your website to interact with your customers. Encourage them to ask you questions. Answer each questions in detail. Think about it. If one person asks a question, there is a good chance that others will have the same or similar questions.

Your website should have an FAQ section where you can answer questions in detail.

Answer questions if you want a super successful website.

Use images.

Images, graphics, infographics, charts, videos, and photos will help you tell your story more effectively. Images will make your website more interesting. Video is the most popular content. You can add training, explainer, or instructional videos to your site. People will spend more time going through your site.

Super successful websites have awesome images.

Collect emails.

Even if your website is new you should collect emails. Instead of asking people to sign up for your newsletter, let’s face it nobody wants to sign up for another newsletter, give people something valuable for their email.

You can offer people a free download or free consultation. Give people something valuable and they will subscribe to your email list.

Super successful websites do a great job growing their email lists.

Be active on social networks.

Your social network accounts can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Promote your content and give people updates about your business.

The best websites incorporate social networks.

Make sharing easy.

Every page should have opportunities to share your content. The easier you make sharing, the more people will share your content.

Super successful websites make sharing easy.

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