Do you have an outdated website?

Many website owners, wrongly believe, that a website is forever. Websites, like anything else, must be updated. More importantly, websites need to be updated regularly.

If you don’t remember when your website was designed or updated last you are way overdue for an update.

Your website, if you want it to function as a real asset for your business, must be maintained and updated.

If you allow your website to be outdated it will hurt your website in multiple ways:

Less traffic

Search engines reward dynamic websites with new content. A website that doesn’t add new pages is going to rank lower and receive less traffic. Google is known for lowering the rankings of websites that are outdated. When your website drops lower and lower in rankings you will receive little of no organic search engine rankings.

It is recommended that you update your website at least once a month.

Target for hackers

Every website is vulnerable for hacking. Outdated websites are many times more vulnerable. Hackers target websites that are outdated since they are an easier target. Even if you have a website that runs on WordPress, you have to make sure that you update your website at least once a month. You have to update your WordPress installation, your theme and your plugins too.

Bad image

An outdated website sends the wrong message about your business. Visitors can tell when a website is outdated. An old design tells people that you either don’t have the money or the interest in keeping your website updated. Your prospects want to work with a business that is at the top of their game. An outdated website shows the exact opposite.

Do you have old press releases?

Are there old articles or outdated news updates?

Refresh your website with new content. Add new press releases. Talk about recent projects you are working on. List new services that you offer. Publish new customer testimonials.

Less engagement

If your website is not updated with a mobile-friendly design, less visitors will use it. Responsive websites work well on smartphones and tablets. Outdated websites are abandoned.

Signs that your website is outdated:

  • Flash is used on your website.
  • You are using stockphotos instead of your own.
  • Your website has a hit counter.
  • You have a high bounce rate.
  • Animated gifs are slowing down your site.
  • Your latest services or products are not listed.
  • There is no clear call to action.
  • Your copyright date is not the current year.
  • Animated splash page.
  • Your website has more than three colors.
  • You are using more than three types of fonts.
  • Your social accounts are not integrated in your site.
  • Your site was designed for the old square shaped monitors.
  • You have only a few pages of content. A 5 page website is not enough. You need a lot more content.

If you want help with your website update, contact us.