How to tell great web design companies from the bad?

web-design-companies-07282015The Internet is full of web design companies, but good ones are few and far between. Distinguishing the good from the bad can be a difficult task. Even if you’ve found a company that sounds amazing, how can you be sure they’re as good as they claim?

Consider web design companies with ample experience.

How they built their reputation says a great deal. Good design companies will apply the same rules for building a high traffic website as they did when they built their own. Their former clients should be more than happy to give recommend their services. If they did a good job, they won’t have problems earning excellent reviews from their customers. Always check out their customer testimonials. They also know when a website project isn’t right for their particular experiences. Competent designers will turn down jobs they know they won’t be able to do well.

Ask to see customer testimonials as you consider web design companies.

You can also tell good web design companies apart from the rest by what they’ll do for you, the client. They’ll keep your target demographic and the function of your website in mind. Their focus is you and your customers. They won’t make risky decisions just to show off their graphic design skills. A superior company will use skilled writers to create the text content of your site. What a website says is just as important as how it looks. Good designers know this, and want your message to be as clear as possible. They can create not just generic themes and templates, but can code unique designs from scratch. They’re skilled at Photoshop and will customize your website to suit your needs. The content management systems they use are user friendly and tailored to fit the needs of you and your staff. They won’t use a CMS that they aren’t sure you’ll be able to use to make changes to the website.

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Exceptional web design companies also know how to operate smoothly. They keep their team efficient and make staying on schedule a priority. They’re experts at what they do, but won’t overload their clients with jargon. They’ll explain what they’re doing in terms you can understand. A competent design company will give you regular updates about your project. If you’re dealing with the best you won’t have to keep reaching out to them to see how the work is going. If something does go wrong, they’ll give you a warranty and offer support after the website is up and running. You won’t have any problems contacting them again to ask questions.

Web design companies with the largest advertising budgets are not necessarily the best option for your business.

Just because a company is constantly advertising it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. A web design company with an excellent reputation is what you are looking for. It’s important to do research on the designers you’re considering. Negative experiences with companies are more common than you would think. Many people hire the cheapest provider and they pay for it in delays and aggravation.

Ask any business with a web presence, and they will tell you all sorts of horror stories. Know how your web design company manages itself. Find out how they designed their own website for maximum exposure. Make sure they care enough about your business to do the same for you.

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