1 Billion Websites

Has the world got enough websites now?

20 years ago there were only 23,500 websites for only 44 million people online. Today there are about 1 billion websites with about 3 billion people online.

How does that impact your website?

If you want to standout online, you have to scramble like crazy. The competition is increasing daily, and most websites are left behind.

The question is:

“How do you get noticed in a world with 1 billion websites competing for attention?”

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more challenging than ever. You can forget about the days when stuffing your keywords throughout your pages got your website ranked in Google or any other search engine.
  • Social networks like Facebook are more-and-more focused on limiting your reach by pushing you to spend on advertising. The days when your posts were seen by everyone in your network are long gone. The only way to do it today is by buying ads.
  • Thousands of new pages are published in your niche daily. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have a website with too little relevant content that is updated way too infrequently.


You might think that it is hopeless to standout, but it is possible.

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Here are some ways you can beat the odds:

Be controversial

Let’s say you are a PR professional. How many articles have you seen in the public relations space that tell you about “5 Great Tools for Public Relations” or “The Importance of – fill in the blank – for great PR”?

(Boring, right?)

A quick search online will show you that there are millions of pages and blog posts with the same boring content.

Instead of doing what everyone else does, mix it up.

Write an article like “7 PR Strategies That Are an Absolute Waste of Time”. Your article will stand out and it will provide a unique perspective. It will be unlike most PR related articles out there.

Take a popular topic and spin it.

The key is to say what you want to say differently. What you want is attention and you will not get it by blending in.

Shock people

Which article do you think will get more attention?

“5 Tips to Get Great PR Results”


“PR is a Waste of Time – Here is Why”

You might say, hey “I am a PR professional, why would I say PR is a waste of time?” The point is that doing what everyone else does will get you nowhere. Your number one task is to get attention. Once you get people to listen, then you can tell them about how you can help them.

Your could have a title like PR is a Waste of Time, and talk about how companies do PR incorrectly. The message of your article could be doing PR the wrong way is a waste of time.

Focus on the right people

When you try to talk to too many people you end up reaching no one. Don’t try to be CNN or Yahoo News. Stay focused.

Narrow your focus. It is much easier to attract a targeted audience when you narrow down your focus.

Who are your ideal customers? Speak to them and them only.

Use more graphics

Visuals grab and keep attention more effectively than text only content. Hire a graphic designer who can help you create stunning visuals.

People love to share graphics, pictures, infographics, and videos.

The bottom line

Growing competition, Google Bing and Yahoo, and social networks like Facebook and Pinterest have changed the way you must market your website. Getting your website noticed today is hard work. It is a task most businesses fail to do.

I hope this helps you differentiate your website from the rest.