What’s the secret to a great website?

If you are not getting the results you expect from your website you have work to do. All the promotion in the world will not attract customers if your website is poorly presented. In fact, visitors tend to form an opinion of a website within a few seconds. Their first impression of your website is based on the organization, speed, and visual content.

Below are five mistakes that will drive visitors away from your website.

1. A Messy Homepage

When people visit your website, they will be exposed to your homepage first. If you have a complicated homepage with too many links, too many pictures, or too many words, you may confuse the visitor. The homepage should have a clear layout which will allow visitors to explore the website with ease.

It is recommended that you make your homepage simple so that it loads quickly. A slow-loading homepage will be sure to turn customers away from your website. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. If your website takes ten seconds to load, the visitor will already be negatively judging your website.

2. Difficult Navigation

A navigation bar is a must-have for your website. The menu should have a straightforward format. The pages of your website should have straightforward titles. Do not use too many sub-menus. This will confuse the visitor. A confusing navigation is a surefire way to drive visitors away from your website. Finally, you should have a link to the homepage on every page. This will ensure that visitors can navigate your website with ease.

3. A Lack of Social Media Interaction

If a focus of yours is to interact with people through social media, you should make your social media icons (such as a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn button) easy to find. If you are active on multiple social media platforms, you should include a visual link to every platform and stay up-to-date on each site.

4. A Lack of Customer Interaction Invitations

One way to drive visitors away from your website is to leave them unsure of what to do next. If visitors are only viewing your homepage, chances are they do not know what to do next. By providing them with the next step, you are encouraging them to make full use of your website. An example of this is to instruct them to “subscribe to the newsletter” or “call us.”

5. A Lack of Original Visual Content

If you are making use of unoriginal or outdated visual content, visitors will be unimpressed. The goal is to build the uniqueness of your website. By using low-quality visual content, you are working against the goal. It is recommended that you have professional photographs taken to ensure the originality of your visual content.

In conclusion, if you are making any of the above five mistakes, you should seek to fix the problem immediately. Fortunately, the changes are quick and easy; however, if you do not fix the problems, expect a low number of visitors to your website.