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Creating or updating a website for your company? There are a number of things to consider. Following these top ten guidelines will make your company’s website stand out from the rest. According to the best web designer in San Diego, having a professional, easy-to-use website is important. The following will help build trust, loyalty, and engagement with your company.

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Hire a Professional Web Designer

Your website users can discern whether your website is professional or amateur. Professional web design is important in creating respect for and excitement about your company. Hiring a website designer lets you rest easy knowing that your website will be user-friendly, accessible, and stand out from your competition.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial. When a potential customer, client, or user is using Google, Bing, or any other search engine, you want your company name on top. Professional web designers can ensure the best results by using keywords and a deep understanding of SEO.

Professionally Written Content

The content of your website should be free of errors. Enlisting a professional to create content for your website will guarantee the best quality. Professional content also guarantees original content. Your website users don’t want cookie-cutter blurbs. They are looking for writing and content that feels unique, informative, and concise.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive

There is nothing more frustrating for a web user than an unresponsive or slow website. By hiring a professional web designer, you can be sure that your website will load quickly among all internet browsers, including mobile browsers. Professionals, like the web designer in San Diego that I consult with, suggest testing your website on many browsers, computers, and mobile devices to ensure that your website is performing at the top level on all platforms!

Great Images

Images that support your content, rather than distract, are very important. A great image draws attention to the message being delivered. Using too many images will make your website appear cluttered and distract the user from important information. It is also pertinent to avoid the overuse of stock images. Savvy web users will detect the presence of stock images and lose trust in your company.

High-Quality Hosting

High-quality hosting allows the website to load faster and handle high-volume traffic. Using DIY website creators often leads to slow response, and slow-loading websites.


To build trust in your company, testimonials highlight the results that potential customers can expect. Testimonials should be honest, informative and positive.

Contact Information

Easy to locate and use contact information should be displayed prominently. Each page of your website should include this information. After all, that is usually the primary goal of a website.

Call to Action

“Subscribe Now”, “Learn More”, “Order Here”; these are all examples of calls to action. According to a website design company in San Diego, using attention-grabbing buttons is the best way to get your website users to engage in your company.


There are much more things to consider, such as consistency in design, reducing errors (no one likes a 404 page!), choosing the right domain name, and more!

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