A successful web marketing strategy requires an understanding your marketing environment. Preparing a SWOT analysis for your business is an important tool to help you take your business to the next level. Your Internet marketing SWOT is a great strategy formation tool because it takes both internal and external factors into consideration.

Strengths – Internal Weaknesses – Internal
proprietary web based application low website conversion rate, poor usability, website not optimized, slow loading web pages, out of date old website content, website is underutilized
Opportunities – External Threats – External
competitors are late entering the web space, growing number of people search for services and products online, social media, marketing through video, partnership with noncompeting websites, affiliate programs, cross promotion, search engine optimization better user experience, search engine optimized websites, strong social media presence, ongoing e-mail marketing, continuous link building campaign, better website content


What is it that you do well in terms of your web marketing? This is a difficult question to answer honestly and objectively. It helps to get an objective third party to make the evaluation for you. The professionals at Webene can prepare your web marketing SWOT to help you grow your business.


Do you have a really dynamic website with quality content? Would a prospective client bookmark your website or refer your website to a friend? It is essential to have outstanding quality content. Website content is one of the most important factors determining the quality of a website. Out of date content is a big turnoff for your website visitors because it tells your visitors that you don’t really care about your website. The professionals at Webene can help you create or update your website content. Contact us now  to learn about your opportunities.

  • In the process of understanding your website weaknesses, you should answer the following questions:
  • What is your website conversion rate?
  • What is your search engine optimization strategy?
  • How many unique visitors does your website receive in a month? Is it more than last month? Does your website have more visitors this year than last year?
  • How do your website visitors rate your website usability?
  • Does you website have an old design?
  • Are there old and outdated sections in your site?
  • When was the last time you have added new content to your website?
  • How many seconds does it take your home page to load?

Of course there are many more questions our professionals can ask you to maximize your online marketing efforts.


  • Are your competitors taking the web more seriously than you?
  • What percentage of your customers could be acquired through the web space?
  • Are more of your customers expecting to find answers on your website?
  • Do people have less patience to wait for slow loading web pages?
  • Are you taking advantage of the search engines?
  • Are you building your presence in social media channels?
  • Have you considered how money you could save by giving more to your customers on your website?


  • Are your competitors rank above you in the search engines?
  • Are others able to provide the same service for less due to the technology they use?
  • Are your competitors able to reduce their costs due to their web marketing efforts?
  • Is your profit margin becoming smaller due to inefficiencies in your marketing efforts?
  • Are your competitors’ have a stronger brand recognition due to better Internet marketing?