Do you have a website that hasn’t been updated in the last couple of weeks?

Your website is not a brochure. It must be updated frequently.

If your website was built the right way, you can update your website in no time.

Now, you can have your own human editable website helping your business grow.

Your first website was most likely a website that required a web master in some other location to help you make updates to your website. The problem with such an arrangement is that it is slow and expensive. Hence, when you look at most websites, you’ll find that many websites have not been updated for years.

Human editable websites are professionally referred to as CMS (Content Management Systems). What this means is that you can now edit each page of your website as you would edit a Word document. This new type of website platform enables even the most intimidated business owner to quickly and easily make website updates.

The old types of website required you to have HTML knowledge. In addition to the technical background you also had to have an expensive editor software. Once you have an editable website in place, you can publish new content, delete or edit content, link to other websites, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of having an editable website is that you can update your website from anywhere in the world. Let’s say that you are traveling to a trade show and you are stuck at the airport. Now, you can login with your web browser and make updates to your website on the fly. What used to take days or even weeks can now be done in a matter of minutes.