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A website is a crucial part of any small business’s marketing and operation. It helps small businesses connect with customers, establish trust and build credibility. It is the first point of contact most people with have with your business. If the website lacks key features, it will be the last time many people bother with the business. Small businesses should work with a San Diego web designer to ensure their website has these features.

A great domain

One of the most important features of a small business website is the domain name. It should be short and easy-to-remember, as well as being relevant to the business.

Clear navigation

Any good business website designer will tell you clear navigation is crucial. The website’s pages should be grouped into a few appropriate categories at the top of the page. Drop-down menus should then guide visitors to every page of your website. No page should be more than two clicks away.

Important information about the business

When designing a website for your business, make sure customers can find all your important information. This includes things like details of your prices and services, your contact details, your address, and your business hours. Some business websites will have specific requirements. For example, restaurants might include a menu on their website.

Social media buttons

Social media buttons can be a great advertising tool. If you have great content, people will share it. Customers who’ve been pleased with your service can also direct friends to your site.

A great ‘About Us’ page

A small business’s ‘About Us’ page should tell customers your story in an engaging way. Where did you come from? Where are you going? What do you do? Why? This information should all come across naturally and clearly.


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. An FAQ can help you avoid getting thousands of emails asking the same thing. It can also help customers with issues who might not make the effort to contact you. If these customers can’t find an answer to the question on your website, they may leave forever.


A great small business website should work for all your customers. Mobile devices are used as commonly as computers these days, so your website should work on phones and tablets. Customers will also vary in which web browser they use. The best websites will look and function the same way on any browser.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial for helping customers find your website. It should be built into every aspect of the site. Content should include the keywords your customers will be using to find you. The URLs of each page should incorporate important keywords related to their content. You should also think about building backlinks from other websites. These techniques can all boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Each of these features is crucial when creating a great small business website. A professional web designer will never miss any of these features out. They will build your site around making these features fit your business’s needs.

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