Even the most successful products need the support of a great marketing strategy.

Your business will not develop successful marketing strategy without first answering some fundamental questions:

Who are your customers? Please, don’t tell me your customers are lawyers, or business owners, or soccer moms. You can do better than that. Be specific. For example, our marketing company is targeting businesses in San Diego county. The businesses we target are businesses with revenue between $2 and $20 million. The key in identifying your customers is to be as specific as possible. You may not have your ideal customer defined yet, but it should be one of the highest priority projects within your business.

What do I want my customers to know about my business? Do I want them to know that we have been in business longer than any of our competitors, or that our technicians have more experience than any other company in town?

What are my customers are looking for? Are we assuming what they want? How do we know that we are doing what our customers want us to do?

What motivates my customers to buy? Is there a story about your company that resonates with your market? Is there something about the customer service experience that differentiates you from your competitors?

Marketing for Growth
You might ask yourself, “What is marketing”? Our answer is that marketing is the lifeblood of your business growth. Marketing must be the engine that thrusts your forward and prevents your business to stay where it is now. Neither accounting or human resources will drive your growth, for that you need marketing.
The most important part of marketing is the development and execution of your marketing strategy. There is no successful marketing without a plan. If you expect your marketing to grow your business, you must have a marketing plan developed for your business.

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With the right marketing plan your business will be able to do the following:
GET – new customers. Your goal as a growing business is to continuously capture new customers. Great ways for your business to get new customers is through your website and online marketing efforts; through search engine optimization; social media marketing, direct marketing, brochures and trade shows, and more.
INCREASE – your revenue per customer. Once you have gained a customer your business must maximize revenue per client. Your business must have a cross-sell/up-sell strategy for existing customers. You also have to utilize your existing customers for getting them to refer you to others.
RETAIN – your customers. Go above and beyond to satisfy your customers. Always provide exceptional service and do more than expected of you.

It is key that you continue to do the above in good and bad times. Unfortunately, many businesses either stop and never begin doing the above which results in long term failure.
Businesses that don’t think about marketing fail. Everything you do in your business from developing a new product or service to your business location should begin a conversation within your company, “How is all this going to impact our marketing?”